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Hen Parties in Birmingham

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Hen Parties with a difference. Have fun……. an ideal way to get to know each other before the wedding ………..learn a new craft………

Organise your Hen Party with a difference. Book any one of our sewing courses or choose from a selection of fantastic projects to keep all your ‘crafty’ hens happy from sewing to ceramic and glass painting to making jewellery. The workshops are organised for everyone to enjoy whether your Hens are absolute beginners or experienced crafters. Sessions are 2-2 1/2 hours depending on your chosen project and sewing abilities. We are also happy to cater for your own chosen theme. We provide all the materials required for the party, or if you have a venue of your choice we will come to you.

Examples of Hen Party events:

Personalised Bunting (a combination of hand sewing, machine sewing, cutting out, something for everyone).

Wedding Favours (hand or sewing machine)

Fabric Flowers for Shoe clips, brooches and bag trims (hand sewing)

Vintage Retro Hearts (hand sewing)

Have fun decorating knickers (hand sewing)

Jewellery Making - Wire bracelets, necklaces or earrings (No sewing involved)

Paper crafting, choose a theme to decorate the bridal tables including place name tags, paper decorations, choose vintage, or modern. (no sewing involved)

Ceramic and Glass painting (decorate a themed set for the bride) or for yourselves (no sewing involved)


Please call us with any ideas you may have, to find out more, or to book.

A craft hen party with us is a great way to start your celebrations.

Prices start at £30 per person and are based on a 2-3 hour party for a minimum of 10 people. (It is not necessary for 10 people to attend in order to have a party, however, cost is a minimum of £300 for up to 10 people. Numbers over 10 are charged from £30 per person depending on the event. Book for over 10 people and the bride is invited for free! Bring your own bubbly and we will supply the champagne classes.

Why not make you Hen Party even more special, book a Cream Tea with scones and Clotted cream, including strawberries, tea, coffee and orange juice from £40 per person (including the hen party event) Bring your own bubbly.

Book your party on a Saturday, Sunday or even on an evening.

For further information contact

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