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New Book "Sew a Wardrobe full of Tops and Dresses"

My new book "Sew a Wardrobe Full of Tops and Dresses" is, I am happy to say, proving very popular.😊

The Stitch Clever Project Booklet with Pattern: Sew your own Wardrobe of Dresses, Tops and Tunics is printed on high quality paper and includes a full sized, multi-size 8 - 24 Master Pattern with easy to follow step by step instructions and lots of sewing tips.

I have written this book especially for beginners who know how to use a sewing machine but have never previously made a garment or followed a pattern. Each chapter is a “Lesson” which teaches something new in order of difficulty. Designed for people new to dressmaking and for the more experienced who want quick and easy projects.

The Master Pattern has been designed so that you can make dresses, tops and tunics all from the one pattern with style lines clearly marked on it. The pattern is flattering for all figure types and ages.

The pattern included in the book is a full size pattern which means not having to photocopy or scale to fit. The pattern is multi-sized and comes in Stitch Clever sizes 8 to 24. Stitch Clever patterns are modern sized patterns which generally make up in the sizes that you buy from shops.

I would love to hear your comments and see photos of what you have made using the book.


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