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Press Cloths

Silk organza makes a great press cloth:

  • you can use a hot iron on it

  • it is translucent, you can see what you are pressing

  • it helps prevent shiny marks on the fabric

  • it protects your fabric/garment from dirty marks

I always use my silk organza press cloth when ironing delicate fabrics.

I also always use it when using iron on interfacing. I place a piece of teflon on the ironing board (you can use oven liner), place the piece to be interfaced on the teflon. Place the iron on interfacing, face down on top. Place the silk organza on time and press in place with a hot iron using steam.

I use this method for my students, and sometimes they place the iron on interfacing upside down. Normally this would cause a huge problem, as it would melt all over the iron, instead it sticks to the silk.

I always have 2 silk organza press cloths. One which I use only for ironing and one which I use only for interfacing

Press cloths are best used unfinished, (without any hems) as this may make an imprint on the fabric you are pressing.

Silk Organza Press Cloths Buy here

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