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Top 10 Tips for beginners to Dressmaking

Top 10 tips for beginners to dressmaking

1. Choose an easy pattern – one with a small number of pattern pieces. Generally, the smaller the number of pattern pieces the easier it is to make the pattern.

2. Avoid tight fitting garments as these are not necessarily difficult to sew, but need to be fitted accurately and fitting accurately comes with experience

3. Choose a fabric such as cotton, or cotton polyester that is easy to sew. Fabrics that are loosely woven, or fabrics that slip when you are cutting out and sewing are more difficult to sew. Avoid, chiffon, velvet, satin.

4. Wash and dry your fabric according to the washing instructions before starting your project

5. Read through all the instructions to the pattern before starting to sew.

6. Do not rush the cutting out part of the project. Cut out accurately as this will make sewing the garment together much easier.

7. Check the instructions to see how to put the pattern pieces on the fabric ready to cut out

8. Make sure you follow the direction of the grain lines and the fold lines

9. If you are not very confident about sewing, then it is best to pin then tack the pieces together before sewing them on the sewing machine. Remember it is far quicker to pin and tack than it is to unpick machine stitches and you may damage the fabric whilst unpicking

10. When you have finished your project, even if it isn’t perfect, congratulate yourself anyway. You have finished it. You have learnt lots while making it and the next one will be even better.

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